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Regent Square eatery putting down roots

Regent Square eatery putting down roots
Vegan and vegetarian entrees offered. Have a restaurant and chef you'd like to see featured? Contact Margi Shrum at 412-320-7920 or "I'm not good at it," he says, "but I like how it goes into everything." That's one clue to the name …
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A Hip Haven in Berlin
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Do Americans Have an Inflated Perception of a “Healthy Weight”?

Question by Please Don’t Disturb: Do Americans Have an Inflated Perception of a “Healthy Weight”?
First, let me just say that I know that skinny doesn’t mean healthy. People dying of terminal illnesses are often skinny. I understand that, okay?

But it seems like what used to be considered “chubby” decades ago, or in other countries today, is considered “healthy/womanly/normal” here.

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Vegetarian Recipe Book

Vegetarian Recipe Book

Healthful Vegetarian Recipes For The Most Discriminating Tastes. This Recipe Book Contains over 1,000 Delicious Vegetarian Recipes!Meat lovers beware! Consumption of meat and meat products have been established to be among the TOP cause of heart disease, hypertension and many types of cancers.You can stop the onslaught of these deadly diseases on… Continue reading

Chef recipes: Healthy non-veg recipes

Chef recipes: Healthy non-veg recipes
Today we have Delhi-based culinary expert & cookbook author, Komal Taneja who reveals her secrets of aromatic and flavourful Indian non-vegetarian cooking. In keeping with our ideas of eating healthy, but delicious food, Chef Komal lists her top 5 …
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Seasonal recipes: 5 for butternut squash
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Get your hands on the herbs. Harvest and Prepare Them as Medicines Yourself, on Over 50 Beautiful Acres in Woodstock, NY

(PRWEB) September 19, 2004

The Wise Woman Center in Woodstock, NY, is home to a great variety of plant life. It is also home to Susun Weed, world renowned herbalist and author and a spokesperson for the Wise Woman Tradition. Here she teaches people who come from far places to apprentice or just take a one-day class on plants, health and women’s empowerment!

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Vegan Dinner

Vegan Dinner

Jetta Vegas wanting to come over and make Ciara and I dinner, she is vegan so we had vegan stuff shells. This is how it went!… Continue reading

Three Best NYC Cheap Eats From Your New York Hostel

Article by Mark Etinger

Anytime you visit a city you should be aware of what you want to see. Usually this is done by researching, which if you’re reading this, you’re probably doing now. Well let me say that after all the sights to see, you’re going to be pretty hungry. So in between train rides and drop offs at your New York hostel, here’s where to eat.

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Vegan Philly cheese steaks?

Vegan Philly cheese steaks?
Zizi's vegan restaurant is hidden in plain sight, just a stone's throw from University City's central crossroads at North Tryon Street and WT Harris Boulevard. There's something metaphorical about Zizi's easy-to-miss location in a strip mall, …
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Reward Your Body With Vegan, Organic, Macrobiotic Cuisine at West LA's New …
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Mixed Veggies: Is The Nation's Capital A Meatless Mecca? Also, Throwing

Mixed Veggies: Is The Nation's Capital A Meatless Mecca? Also, Throwing …
The follow-up to her year-old The Meat Lover's Meatless Cookbook, will "dish up vegetarian menus for festive occasions throughout the year, from Super Bowl Sunday to Christmas," according to an email from O'Donnel. The book is due out in October 2012. …
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Peace Pies celebrates second restaurant

Recipe Of Turkey Burger

In this article, a recipe with the main ingredient is Turkey meat, an excellent source of energy and low fat will be introduced.


Ingredients for Two 2 Turkey Burger Patties

Lettuce (your choice, Romain operates best)

1 Tomato

Barbecue Sauce

2 Whole Wheat Buns

2 Slices of Soy Cheese (I use pepper jack for the burgers, but American and Cheddar functions fine as well)

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Raw Sushi Recipe – Ingredients And Directions On How To Make The Perfect Sushi

Article by Heather Nauta

This raw sushi recipe uses mashed avocado in place of rice, bringing together fresh green vegetables and seaweed for a truly delicious roll. This would make an excellent snack while watching football or figure skating, whichever you like best. And hey, if the boys don’t like it, that just means there’s more for you to enjoy!

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Best Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurant

Best Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurant
Peasant mushrooms stuffed with a veggie medley along with veggie versions of lasagna, mu shu, tacos, spinach salad with soy-based bacon bits and Mexican casserole are healthy highlights. Claim to fame: Started in Fullerton in the 1970 as a Bohemian …
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A Vegetarian Kitchen: Vegetarian Stuffed Bell Peppers Recipe
Place the peppers into the glass casserole dish. Pour a small… Continue reading

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